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Trading conditions

Product information

All our product information is prepared by us, or it comes from our business partners or suppliers. The prices are stated without VAT because our products are aimed at business customers. Stock status at Dansk Overpumpning A/S is indicative, as well as our delivery time, and information about these. We strive to always have the stock status correctly indicated. Unfortunately, it may happen that the product is not in stock. Should this be the case, we will contact you.


Goods can only be ordered via Dansk Overpumpning A/S. As a customer, you are obliged to enter a valid e-mail address and keep an eye on your e-mail after your order, as any delays and information about the order's status will be provided here. Purchases through Dansk Overpumpning A/S are considered final when the order has been dispatched and the payment deducted. We always have the option to cancel your order should a printing error, typing error, delivery error or technical problems occur. After we have shipped your order, you will receive a binding invoice. At Dansk Overpumpning A/S, we mainly deal with businesses, but also with private individuals should it be requested, and when ordering goods through us, you as a customer confirm that the goods are not purchased for the purpose of resale. All transactions through Dansk Overpumpning A/S are stated in Danish kroner (DKK) and are stated without VAT and with VAT, as well as all taxes, duties etc. Reservations are made for any: price increases, currency changes, tax changes, force majeure, out-of-stock items, price errors and printing errors, see also more under "reservations".


The stated prices are stated in Danish kroner unless otherwise stated and both without and with Danish VAT and other taxes. The stated prices only apply to trade within Denmark's borders. This does not include Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Reservations are made for fee changes, price and proofreading errors, etc.

Agreement conclusion

The buyer must accept the terms of the trading conditions with each purchase. The buyer is therefore encouraged to read the conditions thoroughly and familiarize himself with the obligations and rights that the conditions give the buyer.


At Dansk Overpumpning A/S we accept bank transfers. In addition, you can choose to pay with Mobilepay if this is desired. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at
We do not have the option of deducting a larger amount than what you have approved when placing your order. In the case of payment via bank transfer, your order will only be accepted when we can register your payment. When paying, Dansk Overpumpning A/S does not charge fees.


The estimated delivery time at Dansk Overpumpning A/S is between 2 – 5 working days. There may be products with a longer delivery time than 2 – 5 working days, which also depends on stock status. Delivery of goods from Dansk Overpumpning A/S takes place by direct delivery to the customer or to a parcel shop or a post office, near the specified delivery address specified in the order. In the event of incorrect delivery to the wrong address, the buyer is responsible for reshipment if the buyer has specified this address when ordering. The buyer should therefore always remember to submit the correct delivery address.

At Dansk Overpumpning A/S, we always aim to ship the item the same day we receive the order. However, this is only possible if the order is placed within normal working hours (08-16) and the payment is registered. The buyer should be aware that an order can be sent in several batches.

Dansk Overpumpning A/S reserves the right for out-of-stock items as well as external conditions beyond Dansk Overpumpning A/S' influence. If the delivery time is exceeded to a minor extent, Dansk Overpumpning A/S cannot be held responsible or compensation/compensation charged for this. Upon receipt of his order, the buyer must immediately examine it. In the event of errors or omissions in the order, the buyer must immediately contact Dansk Overpumpning A/S regarding this, cf. §47 and §52 of the Purchase Act. 2.

After delivery of the order, responsibility and risk for this is transferred solely to the buyer. The buyer receives an invoice and employment from Dansk Overpumpning A/S when the item has been shipped and the buyer is always more than welcome to contact us to find out more about the status of the order or other questions that may arise. The buyer can choose to have the goods delivered at an agreed location, here the responsibility will lie with the buyer as soon as the carrier has delivered the goods. All shipments made of goods from Dansk Overpumpning A/S will, as a rule, be delivered in the period Monday - Friday (06.00 - 17.00). Under normal circumstances, deliveries are not made on weekends or public holidays, but in case of urgent enquiry, other delivery times can be agreed in these cases. All deliveries are delivered to the first door on the ground floor, ramp or street level. Please note that the stated delivery times are only indicative and deviations may occur. If this is relevant, however, we make the customer aware of this.

The buyer can pick up their ordered goods free of charge at Dansk Overpumpning's address if this is desired.

Right of withdrawal

At Dansk Overpumpning A/S, the buyer always has a 14-day right of withdrawal from the day the buyer receives the goods. The right of withdrawal can only be used if the item is returned in substantially the same condition and quantity as it was received. Return costs must be borne by the buyer himself. In some cases, the original packaging is a significant part of the product's value. A deterioration of this may mean that the item cannot be considered returned in the same condition and quantity as it was received.
If the returned item is not in substantially the same condition as when you received it, you will only get a part or none of the purchase amount back. However, you are allowed to look at the item, but not actually use the item, if the buyer wishes to return the item.
The buyer has the right to use his right of withdrawal by refusing to accept the goods upon delivery. We do not accept returned packages sent by cash on delivery.

Get a return label here

Note: A return solution requires that the original packaging or the packaging in which the product was sent is preserved and can be used to repackage the product. If the order has been delivered on a pallet, this will also be required. The shipment must be able to be picked up where it is possible to access the shipment with a pallet lifter.

No right of withdrawal

There are purchases that cannot be canceled in special cases: Delivery of goods manufactured to the buyer's specifications.


Dansk Overpumpning A/S always reserves the right to, without notice, change and update our applicable terms and conditions as well as product information. This happens without Dansk Overpumpning A/S being liable for compensation for this. Furthermore, no compensation claims can be made against Dansk Overpumpning A/S as a result of operating losses.


At Dansk Overpumpning A/S, we make sure, to the extent possible, to check the product for errors and defects before it is dispatched. However, this is only possible with goods that we ourselves have in stock. Should, contrary to expectations, errors or defects occur in the product, the buyer is asked to return the product in the same condition, quantity and proper packaging. In the case of inquiries about complaints, the buyer is asked to send pictures and a description of the problem, so that we can see what it is about. When returning, the buyer is asked to enclose a copy of his invoice, which the buyer received via e-mail after his order, as well as state your reg. No. and account number. In the case of consumer purchases, as according to the Sales Act, a 2-year right of complaint is always granted on the goods purchased from Dansk Overpumpning A/S, which means that the buyer can have the goods exchanged for one of the same type, or receive the money back or get a discount on the price. The assessment of this is agreed upon in consultation with the customer, if, in our inspection of the product, we determine that it is entitled to a complaint. If the buyer complains within 2 months, the complaint is always considered to be timely. An unjustified complaint applies if it is assessed that the product's fault or deficiency has arisen on the basis of normal wear and tear, inappropriate or damage-causing behavior/use of the product. When returning the payment, you will generally receive these returns within 10 working days, but there may be delays. In the event of a complaint, as opposed to the right of return, Dansk Overpumpning A/S offers to bear the costs of shipping the goods to us. We will return such an expense to the buyer's account after receiving the item. Always remember documentation for returns, so the buyer has proof of his return. Please note that we do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery or similar form of return. Complaints about Dansk Overpumpning A/S can be submitted to the European Complaints Board if a solution cannot be found between the customer and Dansk Overpumpning A/S. You will find a direct link to the European Board of Appeal here: Online Dispute Resolution.

Or the buyer can also complain through: Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, via

Personal data policy & the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR)

In order for us at Dansk Overpumpning A/S to process the buyer's order, the buyer must provide the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • ZIP code and city
  • Email address
  • Telephone or mobile number
  • CVR

This data that is collected will be stored for 5 years, according to Section 10 of the Bookkeeping Act. The information will then be deleted, counting from the end of the financial year to which the information relates. We do not pass on or sell this information to third parties unless the passing on is for the reason of being able to process your order more efficiently. Some of the items we have available can be shipped directly from our suppliers if they are not in stock.

The buyer always has the opportunity to gain insight into what information we have about you and request the deletion of this information, should this be desired. If the buyer wishes to have the information about him deleted, please contact us at our email

If the buyer wishes to read more about personal data policy and GDPR on our site, this can be done under "GDPR".


Dansk Overpumpning A/S always reserves the right to change the above trading conditions without notice, especially if applicable laws change. It is therefore always important that you, as a buyer, keep yourself up-to-date on these terms and conditions if you shop at Dansk Overpumpning A/S. We reserve the right to:

  • Labor disputes with deliveries from our carriers
  • Typing, printing and price errors
  • Items on back order
  • VAT and tax changes
  • Discontinued and sold out items
  • Delivery failure from suppliers
  • Force majeure, including natural disasters, war, fire, epidemics and state intervention, etc.
  • Error in connection with stated stock status
  • Error in connection with stated delivery time
  • Buyer's special specifications on the item


All material on is owned by Dansk Overpumpning A/S or on loan from our partners and suppliers. In case of misuse of our material, this is immediately reported to the police. Misuse of material can also lead to claims for compensation, remuneration and compensation. If you, as a consumer or company, wish to make use of material from Dansk Overpumpning A/S, please contact us beforehand at for the use of the material.

Property rights

From the day of delivery, the buyer has full ownership of the products. The buyer is entitled to legally dispose of the products, accessories, etc. from the date of delivery. Dansk Overpumpning A/S has not taken ownership of the products.

Acquisition purchase

Applicable terms for business customers are limited to 12 months to make complaints. The 12 months will not be extended in the event of a complaint. Customers are obliged to examine the goods immediately after delivery for any defects and errors, and notify Dansk Overpumpning A/S of this if they wish to lodge a complaint. Damage caused as a result of transport must be immediately claimed against the carrier/freight forwarder. Business customers have no right of return, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Shipping costs, fees, etc. will not be returned.