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About us / Our vision

Responsible business partner

Vision with globalĀ goals in focus

We work actively with the 17 GlobalĀ Goals at Dansk Overpumpning.
This is seen through the responsibility we take based on our certifications and sustainable actions.

We are a company that takes pride in social responsibility through our environmental certifications and work with the UN's Global Goals. A responsibility that in the long term ensures better conditions, not just for our customers, but for everyone.

Decent jobs and economic growth

Through our SGS 18001 certification, we document that we take responsibility for our employees. We ensure that our employees work under orderly conditions that reduce occupational accidents and have emergency plans should an emergency arise. In addition, we ensure that our employees develop continuously with professional skills training and training. Thereby, a good working environment is ensured overall with control over processes, roles and risks.

Responsible consumption and production

With our ISO 14001 certification for active environmental management, we have reviewed our company and created an environmental policy. through this we reduce waste and improve the energy efficiency of our services. In addition, we have control over our costs in terms of saving on energy and materials. This means that only the most necessary is used when we go out to our customers.

Climate action

Dansk Overpumpning A/S offers products with IE3 motor. This type of engine is built to last longer. The engine has greater energy savings which result in lower operating costs and ultimately has a reduced CO2 impact which is more climate friendly. Through our environmental management certification, we undertake to limit our environmental impact, and we have reviewed the company to save energy and materials.