At Dansk Overpumpning, our certifications are in order.

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A healthy and safe workplace

Social and environmental aspects

Dansk Overpumpning has a focus on providing all our customers with the absolute best task solution. This is one of the reasons why we focus on our certifications. Certifications show that we know what we are doing and that we provide the same good service and quality time after time.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that forms the basis for defining environmental management that can be applied to any type of organization in any industry. In terms of content, ISO 14001 is built on the standard for environmental management OHSAS 18001. The standard specifies what is required to form an environmental management system based on the company, its processes and activities with distribution of responsibilities and competencies as well as environmental tasks in everyday life.

OHSAS 18001

We focus on a healthy and safe workplace and implementation of a working environment management system is a requirement in many countries. OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognized standard within occupational health and safety management systems. The standard provides a structure based on the well-established management principle Plan-Do-Check-Act. We identify and assess the work environment risks related to activities and services and determine the necessary control measures.


With the qualification Sellicha, Dansk Overpumpning documents that it meets the strict quality requirements of the Nordic utility companies. Achilles Sellicha is an important tool for the Nordic utilities when goods and services are to be purchased, and therefore it is of great importance for Dansk Overpumpning to obtain the quality seal that comes with an Achilles Sellicha qualification.


  • Water pumped 1.5 km through 300 mm. pipe - Dansk overpumpning

    Water pumped 1.5 km through 300 mm. tube
    Here, bypass is carried out with a maximum flow rate of over 1000 m3/h at almost 6 bar to remove 75000 m3 of water from a crude oil tank. We used 65 kW 200 mm pumps.

  • Bypass for Fredericia Forsyning - delivered and carried out by Dansk Overpumpning

    Bypass for Fredericia Forsyning
    Here, bypass is carried out for Fredericia Forsyning with a total piping of 712 meters in DN500 pipes and a pumping capacity of 8600 m3/h.

  • Dansk Overpumpning

    We sell pumps for both private and commercial use

    We can offer a wide range of pumps within the types: Contractor pumps, slurry pumps and drainage pumps. We sell pumps from brands such as: Aeonpumps, Solidpumps, Sulzer and Comex.

    You can have your pump delivered directly to your door or pick it up at our location in Slagelse.

    We are always helpful with advice and sparring regardless of the size of your project.

    sale of pumps for private and commercial use - ansk Overpumpning


We constantly work to provide our clients with the best possible offers and the greatest knowledge

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