Rental of pumps and generators for small and large tasks at Dansk Overpumpning
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Rent pumps and equipment

For rent throughout Scandinavia

Regardless of the size of your project, Dansk Overpumpning has pumps in stock that suit your needs. We rent out the pumps and the associated equipment at favorable prices.

We have many years of experience and know-how within the industry, so of course we are always ready to answer your questions. If you have any questions, you are welcome to give us a call, and we will help and advise you so that you rent the right pump equipment for exactly your task. Before renting pumps and equipment, please read our rental conditions.

Sludge pumps

We have flexible sludge and drainage water pumps in many different sizes for pumping tasks where less is needed. For areas where the liquid contains a lot of dry matter, we also have submersible pumps that are able to pump up to 70% dry matter.
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Diesel pumps

For the larger pumping tasks, we find diesel and self-priming electric pumps from 6" and up to 18" that have an enormous suction capacity and can move large volumes of water from both rain and waste water. If there are many foreign objects in the liquid mass, we have specially manufactured pumps with "anti-ragging" technology, which reduces downtime and ensures continuous pumping. We also offer rental of the associated equipment.
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If you need a power source for your project, we also have different sizes of diesel powered generators.
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Hoses and pipes

We can also offer hoses and pipes in different types and lengths.
We also have barrier balloons in many different sizes.
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We are able to deliver throughout the country and at all times of the day.