Lease terms for equipment rented from Dansk Overpumpning
Pumps for hire / Lease terms

General terms and conditions

Valid as of June 7 2021

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the rules below and the given price list apply to any lease that is agreed with Dansk Overpumpning A/S.

The rent is calculated on the basis of the prices set by the lessor at any time. The time the equipment is rented out is called the rental period, which means the time the equipment has been away from the lessor's business and available according to the rental agreement. The person who requests the service is referred to below as the tenant and Dansk Overpumpning A/S as the lessor.

1. Duration of the lease

1.1. It should be noted that the shortest
rental period is 1 day. The day the equipment leaves the business is considered the first day of hire. In case of return, the return day is counted as a rental day (first day's rent), if the rented item is returned after 11.00, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.2. Rental takes place from Dansk Overpumpning's address unless otherwise agreed. Transportation,
set-up and collection are billed separately.

1.3. If an agreed rental period is not observed by the tenant, the lessor is entitled to collect without notice
the rented. The same applies if the tenant is otherwise in gross breach of the contract, for example by non-payment of rent at the agreed time. Collection-entitled default also includes bailiff action by the tenant, bankruptcy or other suspension of payments.

1.4 Cancellation of equipment can only take place with Dansk Overpumpning's consent and Dansk Overpumpning reserves the right to have any loss that may arise as a result of the tenant's cancellation of the rental agreement covered by the tenant.

1.5 In case of cancellation later than 1 day before the start of the tenancy, the tenant will be charged 50% of the gross rental amount, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

2. Tenants' Obligations

2.1 When renting equipment, we reserve the right to charge a deposit for the equipment, as well as
to see valid identification.

2.2. The rent is settled upon delivery of the equipment, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

2.3. The rented equipment may not be sublet or lent without written approval from Dansk

2.4. Prior reservation of equipment is subject to timely delivery from the previous tenant. The lessor is entitled, without special notification, to replace reserved equipment with other equipment with the same functions.

2.5. During the rental period, the lessee assumes all risk and responsibility in connection with the use of the equipment, including the risk of loss of operation and damage to persons, things or equipment. Irrespective of damages/operating losses that may occur as a result of incorrect weight statements, incorrect information about the load-bearing capacity of the substrate, incorrect and/or incomplete descriptions of the conditions at the workplace and/or the conditions under which the material must be used and/or damages as a result of incorrect or defective operation of the equipment and/or faults in the alarm system.

2.6. The delivered equipment must be in the same condition on delivery as it was on collection.

3. Lessor obligations

3.1 The material is delivered in a clean, operational and legal condition. Dansk Overpumpning is responsible for complying with statutory inspections, and possibly reports to the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and the like. Any complaints must be made on the first rental day, and cannot be accepted later. We assume no responsibility for any errors, losses and other expenses that arise in connection with or as a result of malfunctions.

4. Risk and Liability

4.1 The rented equipment must be insured. The insurance costs are automatically debited with 7% of the gross rental amount, which is specified separately on the tenant's invoice. Any damage must be reported to the lessor without delay, and theft and vandalism must also be reported to the police within 24 hours. The insurance covers i.a. fire, theft, water damage, vandalism, transport damage, etc. The tenant is personally responsible for the following damages:

  • Theft from open or unlocked motor vehicles.
  • Forgotten, lost or misplaced equipment and other loss for which the time and cause of damage cannot be proven.
  • Loose cables, wires or missing bulb.
  • Gross negligence, insofar as this can be blamed on the tenant or the responsible employee.
  • Simple theft

4.2 When exporting the land, the lessee must arrange insurance for the equipment himself, unless otherwise is previously agreed upon. In connection with export, we reserve the right to see a valid insurance policy.

4.3 The tenant may under no circumstances, personally or with the help of a third party, apply to carry out interventions in the rented property, including attempts at repair or service work.

4.4 Dansk Overpumpning reserves the right to general. force majeure in connection with agreements, including professional conflicts, illness and breach of contractual agreements by others.

5. Excess


New value

Excess per damage

kr. 0 – 15.000

kr. 2.000,-


New value Excess per damage

kr. 0 – 75.000

kr. 8.000,-

kr. 75.001 – 150.000

kr. 12.000,-

kr. 150.001 – 250.000

kr. 18.000,-

kr. 250.001 – 400.000

kr. 22.000,-

kr. 400.001 – 600.000

kr. 27.000,-

kr. 600.001 – 800.000

kr. 38.000,-

kr. 800.001 -

kr. 49.000,-

6. Prices and Payment Terms

6.1 The tenant bears all expenses for the assembly, disassembly, collection, return and operation of the equipment as well as all expenses for fuel, lubrication, oil changes, etc. electricity, consumption taxes, etc.

6.2 If the tenant uses the on-call arrangement the lessor has made available, this will be settled according to the price list in force at all times.

6.3 The lessor also calculates a reminder fee, which currently amounts to at least DKK 100 per forwarded reminder. Furthermore, a fee of at least DKK 250 is charged if the lessor transfers the case to a lawyer with a request that the receivables be sent to debt collection.

6.4 Any disagreements / disputes between the tenant and the lessor or any counterclaims from the tenant do not entitle the tenant to withhold timely payment of invoiced amounts.

6.5 In the event of non-compliance with the rented equipment, other violation of these "General rental conditions" by the tenant and non-payment, the lessor is entitled (at the tenant's expense) to take back the rented property without prior notice. Any discounts of any kind are only granted on the condition of timely payment. The tenant compensates the lessor for losses in accordance with Danish law.

6.6 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the tenant's payment terms are net 8 days.

We offer credit of max. DKK 50,000 to customers unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7. Changes

7.1 The lessor reserves the right to change these "General rental conditions" without notice. Rental conditions at take precedence over all printed rental conditions. The latest update of rental conditions, prices and more will always be available on the lessor's website.